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Leadership Excellence

Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Excellence in leadership does not “just happen.” It requires dedicated commitment to the people, mission, and goals of the group. Leaders who inspire and motivate, build strong organizations, and earn respect in the process honor the following precepts.

Build Communication Skills

Deliver your message with clarity, grace, transparency, and respect – whether in verbal or written form.
Listen to the message of others – not only to what is being said, but also to what is
being communicated through body language and silence.

Develop Analytical and Decision-Making skills

Review the situation and assess the cause. Evaluate the various angles and create a list of options. Analyze the potential positives and negatives of each choice, and then make a sound decision.

Take Risks and Build on Failures

Develop the courage to face the fear of uncertainty. When decisions result in unfavorable endings, catch the rebound, evaluate your position, and take another shot. You will build resilience and confidence and increases your chances of achieving future goals.


From people to projects to events, the ability to organize is a critical leadership skill. Step back and consider the whole. Divide it into categories, schedules, assignments, etc.


Delegating always follows organization. A true leader never “does it all.” Take the reins on responsibilities that belong to you, of course, and then delegate the rest to the appropriate team members. Provide the essential tools, and the authority to do the job well – skip micromanaging.

Negotiate Conflict Resolution

Conflict happens. Helping others resolve a situation with integrity, fairness, respect, and professionalism is essential. Great leadership allows both parties to walk away satisfied.

Take responsibility for Mistakes

Everyone, including leaders, make mistakes. The key is acknowledging your error, apologizing, and moving forward with an appropriate solution.

Negotiate Conflict Resolution

Being trustworthy is more important than being popular. Being willing to make the hard choices – even if it involves constructive criticism will gain you respect.

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