Sales Recruiting

Sales Recruiting

Waypoint’s recruiting network can help you build sales teams with the ability to propel your top-line to new heights. We listen. We do the research. We take time to understand your strategic objectives. Then we match you with experienced professionals who understand your market positioning and know how to fulfill your projections.

Sales is a challenging and demanding field. Promoting revenue and growth requires team-oriented leadership, tactical insight, and the confidence to make the right decisions on the run. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and requires the right individual for success.

Waypoint understands your needs and the principles behind quality sales personnel. We have access to business-savvy sales talent who can compete in today’s challenging business environment. We will connect you with the sales staff you need for continued growth.

At Waypoint, we build transparent relationships – based on integrity.

We listen to your needs and find solutions.

Let us help you find the perfect match for your team.

Being in sales for literally decades, I know how important relationships are.

With Waypoint, one of the best things I can say is that when I pick up the phone, or send an email, I know who I’m going to speak to.

Some of the other recruiters we’ve dealt with in the past, there’s new faces popping up all the time, and there’s a re-educating process that has to take place.

But Waypoint already understands the sales industry, and they spent the time and done the research to understand what makes our company different.

That helps us get the best candidates in our doors, faster than ever.

I don’t have to spend all this time educating them on what I’m looking for, they already understand my industry.

They’ve been a tremendous asset as we’ve grown our sales team.

In the end, what matters the most in developing effective teams is not only who’s on them, but how well they work together. That’s where Waypoint can be your best support. Truly understanding your team’s dynamic and culture, and finding those perfect candidates who can meet your specific needs for the long haul—that’s what they’re about.

What Sets Waypoint Apart

Waypoint’s average recruiter experience level is 5+ years, which is well above our competitions industry average of less than 2 years

All of Waypoint’s recruiters have had prior careers and have come to recruiting because they truly enjoy it. We have prior CFOs, Software Sales Executives, Brand Marketing Managers and Software Development Leads who are now recruiters with Waypoint!

We’re able to recruit fast and efficiently because we’ve either worked in or managed all the skill sets and positions for which we recruit

We understand what our customers do on a daily basis and work to make their lives easier when it comes to recruiting

Recent Waypoint Placements

Sr. Sales Executive

SaaS Product Company

Boston, MA | Time to Hire: 22 days

Director of Sales

Industrial Manufacturing Company

Chicago, IL | Time to Hire: 40 days

Channel Sales Manager

Technology Services Company

Phoenix, AZ | Time to Hire: 35 days

VP of Sales

Industrial Manufacturing Company

Dallas, TX | Time to Hire: 28 days

Inside Sales Manager

Industrial Distribution Company

Charlotte, NC | Time to Hire: 38 days

Chief Revenue Officer

Technology Product Company

Atlanta, GA | Time to Hire: 54 days

Sales Manager

SaaS Product Company

Denver, CO | Time to Hire: 24 days

VP of Sales

Technology Product Company

Boston, MA | Time to Hire: 43 days

Sales Executive

Biomedical Product Company

Dallas, TX | Time to Hire: 29 days

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