Technology Recruiting

Technology Recruiting

Don’t let glitches halt your business flow. Tap into our extensive bank of Technology Professionals. We have access to the IT-aligned talent that will uphold your business’s integrity while ensuring continued growth.

Whether you’re experiencing growth and need additional IT staff, or need to augment your team temporarily, we are your support.

Our customized, hands-on approach connects you with the top-level IT talent you need to keep your business running smoothly and your employees productive. In other words, we are the right people to find your right people.

At Waypoint, we build transparent relationships – based on integrity.

We listen to your needs and find solutions.

Let us help you find the perfect match for your team.

Our company’s IT needs can grow exponentially, almost overnight.

Usually finding the right people can be harder to find than the right technology solutions.

Waypoint is different from the other recruiters we’ve used. With some other recruiters we’ve used, there can be a lot of turnover, and I almost had to teach them what I was looking for.

Waypoint is much more knowledgeable about the tech industry.

And they help us find people with good soft skills. I need to hire people with IT skills, yes, but I also need their personalities to match within our environment.

Look, there’s a lot that occurs in the recruiting process that’s completely out of my control. By working as best as possible within the parameters I have, I improve my chances of landing that top recruit. Working with the team at Waypoint, I can tell they’ve got the experience and connections to help me find the right people.

What Sets Waypoint Apart

Waypoint’s average recruiter experience level is 5+ years, which is well above our competitions industry average of less than 2 years

All of Waypoint’s recruiters have had prior careers and have come to recruiting because they truly enjoy it. We have prior CFOs, Software Sales Executives, Brand Marketing Managers and Software Development Leads who are now recruiters with Waypoint!

We’re able to recruit fast and efficiently because we’ve either worked in or managed all the skill sets and positions for which we recruit

We understand what our customers do on a daily basis and work to make their lives easier when it comes to recruiting

Recent Waypoint Placements

Application Development Manager

Financial Technology Company

Chicago, IL | Time to Hire: 35 days

Sr. Network Engineer

Technology Consulting Company

Raleigh, NC | Time to Hire: 14 days

Project Manager

SaaS Software Product Company

Atlanta, GA | Time to Hire: 22 days

Sr. Software Engineer

Biotechnology Company

Boston, MA | Time to Hire: 12 days

Chief Information Officer

Product Manufacturing Company

Dallas, TX | Time to Hire: 32 days

Principal Network Architect

SaaS Software Product Company

Denver, CO | Time to Hire: 48 days

JAVA Development Engineer

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

Boston, MA | Time to Hire: 12 days

Security Engineer

Technology Consulting Company

Charlotte, NC | Time to Hire: 14 days

System Administrator

Law Firm

Atlanta, GA | Time to Hire: 18 days

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