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The Holiday Productivity Dance

Thursday, December 10th, 2020

Life is short –eat dessert first. Laugh –a lot. Repurpose. Enjoy the little things. These and similar philosophies are the building blocks to a happy, productive company culture. Believe in people – have fun – and watch your productivity climb! All year long, including the holidays. So, how do you make it happen in the last month of 2020?

Expect the unexpected.No, you cannot predict every little detail, but you can be prepared.

  • Stock up on supplies. Connect with your vendors so you can cover when supplies run low.
  • Stock up on staff. Connect with your staffing company so you can maintain a full roster.

Communicate with your team. Whether long-term or temps, employees who know what is expected, where to be – and when, how to dress, etc., will be at the top of their game. That means more productivity for you.

Listen to your workers. They have thoughts and ideas too. Listening to their feedback makes employees feel valued, and when people feel valued, they have more fun on the job, are more engaged, and stronger performers.

Have fun—the holidays only roll around once a year! Do what you can to create a festive atmosphere.

  • Treat your workers to snacks.
  • Host a holiday trivia game –with prizes.
  • Expect holiday bantering – consider a funny holiday story contest.

Give back as a team. People like to give – it takes their minds off their troubles and makes them feel good about themselves. When a business gives together, the strength of your culture grows. And what better time than the holidays. There lots of ideas – here are three.

  • Sponsor a local family in need. Your employees can each pick an item to purchase, wrap, and bring into the office.
  • Sponsor a local shelter. Make a list of needed items and encourage employees to bring in something from the list.
  • Support your local food bank. Employees can bring in canned items or toys for the children of families who come to the bank.

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