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Ways Your Company Can Be a Candidate Magnet

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Hiring is always a tricky proposition. Not employing the right recruiting techniques can cause wasted time, which may ultimately lead to making a bad hiring decision. A few strategies can be used to ensure that your company is being considered by the best candidates on the market. Today, we’ll discuss four ways you can lure top talent into the fold.

1. Ensure the Satisfaction of Your Current Employees

For this tip, it’s important to think of your employees as salesmen and women. If they’re happy working at your company, no one can sing its praises more effectively. While you can certainly tell a potential candidate that your organization has a high level of employee satisfaction, hearing it from an actual employee will be far more powerful.

It stands to reason that your talented employees know other talented candidates, so you have an entire untapped network to leverage. And if your current employees are gushing about how much they love working for you, then your recruiting efforts just got a little easier.

2. Always Be Vigilant—and Forward-Looking

Amazing candidates aren’t just going to fall into your lap. You have to take a proactive approach. When it comes to hiring high-quality talent, you need a pipeline so you don’t have to scramble to fill a position—or worse yet, settle on a candidate who’s not quite up to the job. One key mistake that companies make is waiting until a desperate need arises to look for candidates. When it comes to hiring, it’s important to think ahead.

3. Work with a Great Recruiter

For candidates and companies, the right recruiting relationship can have a significant impact on careers, as well as bottom lines. Working with the wrong recruiter can cost you more than the effort invested. Although there are a variety of recruiters out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. While it’s a recruiter’s job to size up candidates in an effort to place them accordingly, often a company or a candidate is sizing up a recruiter at the same time to make sure they’re the proper fit.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all recruiter, some are obviously a better fit than others. For example, you certainly want to partner with one that works within your given field, and that has experience placing the candidates you’re targeting. However, your recruiter should be savvy in other areas, too. At the end of the day, the right agency recruiting relationship will help with your efforts in creating a pipeline of quality candidates.

4. Put More Focus on Your Differentiating Factors

Every company is unique in its own way. That’s why we’re always surprised when many companies fail to communicate what makes them unique to potential candidates. If you’re a company that doesn’t know what makes you different from your competitors, start by talking to those who already work for you. From leadership to the rank and file, you can determine what makes your company uncommon.

Once you feel confident in communicating these differentiators, don’t be afraid to shout them from the mountaintops. In this case, the mountaintops are your Career webpages, at events (like job fairs), over social media, or any of your marketing channels. Candidates are attracted to companies who know themselves well, and stand out from the competition, so promoting your uniqueness should serve as a beacon when the candidates are job-hunting.

Make the Strongest Case Possible for Your Company

Hopefully these simple steps will help you attract the exact candidates you’re looking for. From focusing on current employee satisfaction to being vigilant finding great talent, to promoting your differentiating factors, you can make a strong case for your company.

Connect with Waypoint Search Advisors. We have a straightforward goal: with our recruiting expertise and hands-on approach, we pair extraordinarily talented candidates with flourishing companies. In fact, we’re quite passionate about placing top-flight talent in the perfect position. In our minds, the ideal position is the one that provides ultimate career satisfaction for our candidates, and that delivers desired long-term results for our clients. Waypoint was started with the simple idea that making human connections leads to better recruiting—and ultimately to prosperous placement for both parties. From day one to today, we have been committed to creating a premier recruiting service that all clients and candidates alike can trust. Contact us today.

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