Ways Your Company Can Be a Candidate Magnet

Hiring is always a tricky proposition. Not employing the right recruiting techniques can cause wasted time, which may ultimately lead to making a bad hiring decision. A few strategies can be used to ensure that your company is being considered by the best candidates on the market. Today, we’ll discuss four ways you can lure top talent into the fold.

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Helpful Tips for Closing More Candidates

Looking to fill a much-needed position is no easy task. Sometimes, when you finally go to make your offer, it’s entirely possible you’ll learn they’re mulling other options. Fighting off competitors, right when you think you’re on the cusp of making a splashy hire, can be frustrating. However, it’s important to understand how common it is. In fact, job offers are declined every day. That said, there are certainly some tips we can offer to give you the best opportunity to land your top choice.

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4 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Strategy Isn’t Working

There’s more to recruiting topnotch candidates than just posting job openings online. It takes a comprehensive strategy, one that takes into account your company’s talent needs, as well as the ever-changing landscape of how you find that talent. On the surface, living in the Information Age makes it easier than ever to recruit talent—but it also levels the playing field. Here are four reasons why your recruiting strategy isn’t performing as well as you had hoped:

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Timing is Everything

A key mantra in sales is that “time kills all deals.” When an opportunity for a sale is presented, the salesman should go all out to close that deal as quickly as possible. Another cliché that comes to mind is “striking while the iron is hot.” Ultimately, it’s important not to waste any time from the moment of interest to when the customer signs on the dotted line.

It’s no different in recruiting. We’ve seen potential candidates lost due to companies dragging their feet, and then the process starts all over again. While we would never recommend impulsive decision-making by organizations, letting red tape get in the way of a perfectly good hire just isn’t smart business. Simply tweaking your strategy—or approaching key personnel hires with a streamlined process—can make all the difference. Here are a few tips to consider:

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Boutique Recruiting Firms vs. Big Box Agencies

When choosing to use a boutique recruiting firm or big box agency, there are a variety of factors to consider. While the decision starts with what kind of customer experience you want, obviously the results are what matter most. Unfortunately, most ambitious companies don’t have time to go through trial and error using multiple recruiters. Finding the right one upfront will save time—and therefore money.

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Replacing Key Employees

Losing a key employee is always painful. However, handling the loss of a key employee poorly can exacerbate the situation. It’s easy to become anxious about filling the position, but it’s important to stay on an even keel. This starts with handling the details first.

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Do You Know Your Candidates?

Any good recruiter knows you should make a candidate feel special. While the Information Age has made recruiting easier in some ways, it’s also caused candidates to be bombarded with communication. One way to cut through all the online noise is with personalization. While many recruiting firms employ a personalized approach, most corporate recruiting functions have failed to adopt this practice. Today we’ll discuss some steps you can take to make your overall recruiting strategy more personalized.

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Reverse-Spin the Revolving Door

Your employees are your greatest assets. When companies find themselves in a situation where they’ve become a revolving door, that typically indicates employees are unhappy and looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

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Is Your Hiring Process Competitive?

Hiring is a science. Determining if your offers are competitive takes a sound strategy, years of experience, and plenty of research. Without completing your due diligence, you risk having topnotch talent pass you by.

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Empowering Your Employees

Motivating employees is always a challenge. Beyond the fact that you’re working with different skill sets and personalities, there’s no magic bullet to inspire motivation, even if you have an incredible grasp on your team’s individual weaknesses and strengths.

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