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Boutique Recruiting Firms vs. Big Box Agencies

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

When choosing to use a boutique recruiting firm or big box agency, there are a variety of factors to consider. While the decision starts with what kind of customer experience you want, obviously the results are what matter most. Unfortunately, most ambitious companies don’t have time to go through trial and error using multiple recruiters. Finding the right one upfront will save time—and therefore money.

The Hands-On Approach

While the term “boutique” in many ways has become a buzzword to represent “smaller,” either way it connotes a major advantage. Nimbler companies typically offer superior service. That hands-on approach takes on many forms: experienced personnel handle the search process, as well as their interactions with you. This creates a more personalized—and seamless—experience, especially when compared to the layers of employees you’d be working with in a big box agency.

Quality Over Quantity

Typically big box agencies will handle more recruiting cases. Think of it like a dartboard; the more darts you throw, the better chance you have of hitting a bull’s-eye. However, volume should never be a measure for success. Success of placement is the true yardstick. While most boutique firms won’t churn out as many candidates, when they do, you can bet that those candidates are of a higher quality, and that they have a stronger chance of long-term employment.

Choose the Match that Best Fits Your Company

In the end, a recruiting partner must fit your company’s needs. If you’re in an industry that has high employee turnover, then using a big box agency that has the capacity to provide a higher volume of employees might make more sense. If you’re more judicious, the boutique firm could be a better fit.

Also, keep in mind that they are plenty of large agencies that manage to provide superior customer service. We believe they’re few and far between—just due to the nature of their size—but they do exist. While at the start of this post we mentioned most companies don’t have time for trial and error, the truth is that it may take a few experiences with different recruiters to find the right match. Hopefully, this information gives you a head start in your search, and allows you to make the right choice sooner rather than later.

Connecting with a reliable staffing agency, like Waypoint Search Advisors, can make an incredible difference. We have the technology, and the know-how. We believe in relationships, beginning with a hands-on approach. Whether you need full-time staff, project personnel, or managed services, we are committed to delivering the ideal candidate – the top-notch talent that fits your culture. We’re the right people to find your right people! Contact us today.

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