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Sales and Marketing Tools for 2021

Thursday, February 4th, 2021

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, sales is a challenging, often difficult career path. The list of need-to-have qualities stretches long and, let’s be honest; sometimes, those attributes appear to contradict each other. For instance, empathy ranks high on the list but so does grit. Drive and determination are both necessary, no question. But discerning when it’s time to button it up and stop pushing can be a career saver. Many of these qualities factor into your ability to incorporate the all-important human element: treating folks like the individuals they are rather than a statistic. And that process often translates into considerable time and energy.

With all of this and more to worry about, thank goodness a plethora of marketing and sales tools are available to help today’s sales professional close the deal. Taking advantage of these technologies will give you more time to invest in personalizing your outreach efforts. So, what tools can technology add to your arsenal?

Communication with would-be customers is a biggie. And that’s where Intercom can help. As a customer communication platform, Intercom helps companies send highly personalized and targeted messages. It provides an avenue for understanding customer behavior, identifies trends, and find ways to improve the user experience.

Another handy instrument in the communication department. Ramp up the number of daily conversations in your customer outreach process with ConnectAndSell. By accelerating the process and powering through limitations, this tool reduces response time to inbound leads, with the potential to quickly grow your lead list.

Google Alerts
You’re using Google Alerts, right? Actually, you may not be if you haven’t figured out how this fantastic tool can benefit sales and marketing efforts. But you probably already know how Google Alerts works. A created “alert” sends you an email when new results pop up about a particular topic. Here are a few of the untold ways this process can help you in marketing and sales.

Learn when a competitor launches new products. Stay abreast of trends in either a broad market category or a niche. Pinpoint the chatter most applicable to your sales efforts rather than manually wade through a sea of information. The insights gained through this oh-so-simple process will help you create incredibly timely, super-relevant content to engage your audience. Being up-to-the-minute and in-the-know adds bushels to your credibility and labels you as relevant. And did we forget to mention—it’s free.

Managing multiple social media platforms can be a time-consuming nightmare—cue Buffer to the rescue. Via a single dashboard, Buffer allows you to manage posting to various profiles. The service includes the ability to schedule posts, track content performance, and even analyze performance. Their browser extension works with WordPress, Chrome, and RSS readers, too.

Fill your toolbox with the tools to streamline your processes and leave you with more time to wow the customer. And one of those tools should be Waypoint Search Advisors because finding the ideal employees to round out your team can be a time-consuming burden. Finding those perfect candidates who can meet your specific needs for the long haul—that’s what we’re all about. Give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a time to chat.

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