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Looking for a New Job While Still Employed

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Want the short answer for how to look for a new job while still employed? It’s fairly obvious: you do so very carefully. With today’s level of technology—specifically social media—it’s much easier to let the cat out of the bag than it ever has been.

While having a manager that knows you’re on your way out isn’t the end of the world, it’s obviously better to go into secret agent mode as much as possible to ensure that you can keep your job in case your search for new employment takes longer than expected.

Every Manager Is Different, But Why Risk It?

Every manager-employee relationship is unique. Perhaps you feel you have a manager who would totally understand your burning desire for a job change. However, you still run the risk of placing a target squarely on your back. While this may be a somewhat jaded point of view, we prefer the conservative approach. At best, management will probably assume you’re dissatisfied (which is probably the case if you’re looking to make a change). Keeping it quiet is always the safer route when it comes to keeping all options open (and your paycheck steady).

Don’t Become Water Cooler Fodder

Every office falls prey to gossip, so it’s important to remain tight-lipped about your plans. The more people who know you’re job hunting, the more chance you have of it spreading like wildfire. If you have a confidant, try to make it someone outside of work. Again, when it comes to picking and choosing whom to trust, it’s always a judgment call. But the safest call is keeping your secret hush-hush.

Be Very, Very Careful Online

As we mentioned in the introduction, social media often plays spoiler. If you’re going to start making comments on Facebook, or updates to your experience on LinkedIn, remember there’s a wide audience out there waiting. You have privacy settings for a reason, so make sure you’re using them to your advantage. For LinkedIn specifically, your Privacy Controls are actually very flexible, so make sure you brush up on them if you’re looking to make changes.

Some Scenarios Demand Game-Time Decisions

Lastly, keep in mind you don’t have control over everything. For example, if you see a job posting you’re extremely interested in, you’ll probably have no choice but to bite the bullet and post your application and résumé – but rest assured applying for a position is usually a very confidential procedure. Interviewing can be more tricky. Phone interviews are easier to manager than in-person, but be sure to reserve your paid-time off hours to remain undercover.

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