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Coming Back Strong in 2021

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Ok – it’s time to accept it. We’re not going back to the way it was. We can’t change the fact that the pandemic has changed our world. You can, however, control how you respond.

Businesses who chose to adapt and grow may be farther ahead than those who decided to sit and ‘wait it out,’ but it’s not too late to evolve with the times.

What are the trends for recovery in 2021? How can you come back strong? Let’s take a look.

Foundation is everything. A newly-constructed building will develop serious issues, and then collapse if the foundation wasn’t properly installed. When it comes to business, a rock-solid foundation is Integrity. Your customers/clients are looking for authentic leadership, honesty, and transparency. They already know you will make mistakes; what they want is a leader who acknowledges mistakes and does what he/she can do to make it right.

Speaking of Transparency. Your clients and customers want to connect (after all, we live in a continual connection world). They want to ‘know’ you. What do you represent? What’s important to you? What are you doing to ensure their satisfaction – and now, their health and wellbeing? Which leads into . . .

Telling your Story: It’s the best way to build your brand, retain your current customers, and attract new ones. We do business in a social media world. You have multiple platforms to choose from, consistent Facebook posts and LinkedIn articles to Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram. The key is knowing who your ‘audience’ is, where your clients/customers hang out, and what style draws their response. Think about your audience’s demographics, age, and interests to determine which platforms are best. Then share helpful information, inspiring stories, fun life happenings, and vital information about your product or services. Communicating online is more essential than ever before. But sharing with your clients/customers is only half the journey. . .

Listen to their feedback: Building a relationship is crucial, and relationships are built by listening as much as by sharing. Respond to reviews. Take brief surveys on what clients/customers want. Hold a contest with prizes. Clients/customers are a deep well of information. They know what they like about your business, and what they hope you will offer next – just ask them. Engaging current, and attracting new clients/customers requires a little finesse in drawing them in.

Collect and evaluate data: It’s another crucial source of info. Take note of what earns the most opens, clicks, or engagements from your audience and what earns an unsubscribe or negative review. “Ignorance is bliss” only lasts until your business starts going down instead of up. Which brings us to another topic that will always be trending . . .

Customer Service. Aaah. Now that you have listened to their feedback, do something about it – with a smile. Be interested in your clients/customers. Serve them with a positive, helpful, you’re-the-best attitude. Should someone be unhappy, take the blame, take responsibility, and do everything you can to make it right – plus a little. People do not care nearly as much about the original issue as they do about your response. It’s all about relationships.

But these have been true for a long time and will always be true. The trick is to keep applying these principles in a socially-distance, often virtual way of doing business. Look for clever ways to reach out and build virtual relationships. Create a new process for delivery. Add a new angle to your connection. Do not be afraid of trying something new. Keep exploring new ideas, trying innovative ways to do business. Go online every way you can – it’s one of those changes that are here to stay.

Bottom-line: Adapt to a new way of doing things, update as the way of doing business changes, all while hanging onto the principles that will always matter.

Standing Ready

It may be that the only thing that’s certain about tomorrow, is that it’s uncertain. Consider these 3 questions –your answers will help you prepare your business for uncertainty.

  • Is our current process of operations efficient?
  • What resources are available should a situation pop up suddenly, such as an immediate temporary shutdown for safety.
  • What steps can we take now, that will enable us to react with wisdom?

Don’t wait until an incident arises. Assess now. Consider whether priorities need to shift, or processes need to be reorganized. Assign individuals specific responsibilities to step into the moment a crisis strikes. Evaluate how 2020 affected your business and what you would do differently if you could go back to six months before the pandemic.

At Waypoint Search, our team is applying the above lessons to help us serve you better. Even in an increasingly digital age, only face-to-face interviews and meetings can lead to the knowledge and understanding that cultivates lasting employment. From day one to today, we have been committed to creating a premier recruiting service that all clients and candidates alike can trust. Connect with us today.

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